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Performers and Artists for “Love Comes Down”

Nathan Gerber. Some people were clearly put on planet earth to create music… Nate Gerber is one of those people.  Whether on acoustic guitar – or fusing together electronic & organic sounds.. there’s no doubt that this recent York U music graduate has got serious soul.  Nate will be rocking a frantic hybrid solo performance of controllerism and songs that embody a higher reality hitting planet earth.

Nathan is also Founding Director of Divine Force Company (DFC), a hip-hop outreach troupe based in Toronto, Ontario.

euphoric-headEuphoric Head. Euphorichead’s two band members both have heads. But besides that, Harry and Carol also share a common passion for music. Although they have not studied music formally, they will put just about anything they have at disposal into creating sounds that will hopefully bring euphoria to your ears.  (Photography: Claudia Hung)

velsie-mak-bio-photoVelsie Mak is an aspiring and talented local singer/songwriter in Toronto, Canada. Since age 12 when she began writing her own music, Velsie has been singing and playing at private functions, arts events and fundraising galas all over the city.  With musical influences like Ella Fitzgerald, Corinne Bailey Rae, John Mayer and Alicia Keys, she is continually refining her vocal style and musical sensibilities, aspiring to touch the hearts of anyone listening with her music.  (John Poon: Bass, Roland Hunter: Guitar, Adam Teixeira: Drums)

Ris (pronounced “reese”) listens to the rhythm of the heart as each song within explodes, evading a variety of passionate poetic truths. Classically trained on piano Ris grew up writing songs from a very young age. She was encouraged by her teacher that she would one day grow up to be a famous writer. Her songs are stories. Stories of the hearts she has met while touring with different art teams in Ontario; stories that come deep within her own soul. As a graduate from York University, from the music program, Ris is excited to explore the possibilities of furthering her music! As a new artist, yet to be discovered, she is constantly looking for new adventures and stories to write. On this evening she is thrilled to stand with an amazing talented band that will help support the stories from her heart.

alyssa-bistonathAlyssa Bistonath is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Toronto Canada.  She studied at Ryerson University where she received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a specialization in New Media.  After graduating, she was recognized with an award from the Magenta Foundation and was listed as one of the top emerging photographers from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Most recently she has won awards from the Canadian Church Press for her photojournalism published in Child View Magazine about female genital mutilation in Ethiopia.  As well as shooting for a variety of magazines, she has also exhibited a number of fine art series including  “The Goodbye Books”,  “Kingdom”, “Portraits & Paper: Memories of Thomas and Isabelle Wilson”, and most recently a photo from the series “Urban Jealousy” has been put on display by the ParkinGallery in Turkey and Germany.  Alyssa’s passion for international development and social justice has led her travels to five continents, and to work with World Vision.  She believes that narratives told through the lens are powerful and can create positive change within the international community.

hanna-kaye-smithHanna-Kaye Smith. I am a third visual arts and education student at York University.I enjoy painting, dancing, singing, reading, laughing,shopping,and spending time with my friends.I am currently beginning a series of work that reflect freedom in the Presence of my Father, Friend,King, and Dearly Beloved who is seated and working in the Heavenly Place. My duty is to utilize my strengths,passions, and gifts to usher souls into His Presence. He has annointed my hands, and carefully put within a new season to serve and delight in His Presence.When His Love came down, freedom and victory was indeed mine!

robin-maRobin Ma. Graduated with BA/ Honours in Fine Arts from University of Waterloo, is now attending   OCAD for BFA in Advertising.

My work talks about how we are deeply immersed in the consumer world where our desires run dry, chasing after the materialistic things in life. Much like handbags, we often want to get our hands on the newest and latest line of product that is to hit the market. We find ourselves tightly wrapped in the superficial realms of buying and purchasing that we overlook the more important things in our life. I have devoted my attention to luxurious handbags and purses. In particular, I focus on the decadently expensive looking bags that are sometimes featured in magazine ads. The light plays an important role in illuminating the surface, creating contrasting lights and darks. I am interested in the surface texture such as the glossy sheen or how light skims over and catches the highlighted folds. The emphasis would be on detail and depiction of matter through realism. With every piece I have incorporated the element of the hands into the image, which is dehumanized and overshadowed by the inanimate.

ivania-erazoIvania Erazo. Ivania is a 3rd year peace studies student at McMaster Univeristy in Hamilton she’s working on a degree called Human Rights Diplomacy and law- when she’s finished she hopes to go to the university for peace in Costa Rica ( the UN university).  Ivania’s heart for social jusitice has shaped her life tremendously. everything from music, books, art, and writing eventuallyy tie back into the inspiration she finds in the people she meets in her development trips.

She works for an organization called Global Youth Network- (
an organization that sends university students on leadership/mission trips to diverse places around the world.
She has visited -Nova Scotia, Brazil, Tanzania- and will be leading a trip to Venezuela in May.
She does these trips mainly because she believes in the true sense of intercconection- being able to share her life and in return bringing back a story of someone she has met on these trips- can change the way people look at the world.
She hopes to work for the UN one day- and bring it back to a grass roots movement, all about the people, less about the power and money

tkTK has been dancing for 10 years and recently discovered reasons to pop for higher purposes.

willowWillow is a musician and spoken word artist with Sketch.

sketch_011Artists from Sketch. Sketch creates opportunities for street involved and homeless people ages 15-29, to engage in the arts in a cross-discipline studio environment or in the community.

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