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Jennifer Awad, a talented Palestinian artist from a little Middle Eastern country called Qatar, moved to Toronto at the young age of 10. Already coming from a rich heritage of artistic talent, Jennifer found her voice in what can only be described as an explosion of different artistic expressions. Writing poetry and painting since 2005, her journey, both personal and creative, has always been one of genuine discovery of one’s self and one’s expression of that self through all forms of art, bringing both positive and inspiring change to those listening and watching, Jennifer is moved by dreams of reaching the world through word and color to inspire, heal and ultimately encourage people towards their own personal odyssey of discovery, helping them realise the gift they are to the community they are in. She hopes to release a compilation album in the near future and recently had one of her poetry pieces – Full Circle – published in the January 2010 edition of the Maadi Magazine . A publication serving & uniting the global community for over 30 years. Currently she continues to nurture both her talents and message by doing live readings of her poetry in various venues and doing live paintings at events that aim to capture the heart, vision & spirit behind them and the people in them, all across Canada.

robert-hengeveldRobert Hengeveld is an installation and multi-media artist whose work explores the boundaries between reality and fiction, and where we find ourselves within that relationship.
He is currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. He completed his MFA at the University of Victoria in 2005 and received an AOCAD from the Ontario College of Art and Design. He continues to exhibit his work across Canada and internationally. He recently received grants from both the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Arts Council. Some of his recent and upcoming exhibitions include It’s One Louder, Power Plant; flicker’n hum, Luminato; Veracity, CAFKA and exhibitions at Interaccess Artist Run Centre, Galarie Sans Nom and Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.

Vivian Lui, is an art teacher with the Toronto District School Board. She dabbles in encaustic painting (painting with wax), and has a background in oil portraiture and graphic design.

She believes that beauty and creativity are some of the strongest indicators that God exists – and that creating the connection between artists, storytellers and dreamers is time well spent.

alyssa-bistonathAlyssa Bistonath is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Toronto Canada. She studied at Ryerson University where she received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a specialization in New Media. After graduating, she was recognized with an award from the Magenta Foundation and was listed as one of the top emerging photographers from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Most recently she has won awards from the Canadian Church Press for her photojournalism published in Child View Magazine about female genital mutilation in Ethiopia. As well as shooting for a variety of magazines, she has also exhibited a number of fine art series including “The Goodbye Books”, “Kingdom”, “Portraits & Paper: Memories of Thomas and Isabelle Wilson”, and most recently a photo from the series “Urban Jealousy” has been put on display by the ParkinGallery in Turkey and Germany. Alyssa’s passion for international development and social justice has led her travels to five continents, and to work with World Vision. She believes that narratives told through the lens are powerful and can create positive change within the international community.

Philip Cheng. is an accountant. When he grows up he wants to be a painter.
He is a strangely-conflicted yet spirited individual who has spent the last 12 years working on academic pursuits, professional designation, and tending career opportunties in the accounting field. In spite of his adult professional life, he spent most of his childhood and adolescent years training in visual arts. After not being admitted into Sheridan College’s Classical Animation Program, he abandoned his pursuit of visual arts to take up his badge as a soldier of fortune. He stopped drawing and painting, but somewhere along the way, the collective encouragement of his friends, family and faith community have helped him realize that gifts are meant to be shared, and that broken dreams are the most beautiful.

He has spent the last several years working on his inspiriation, mustering the courage to paint once again. He believes in second chances, and he hopes you do too.

Here’s a recent piece.

Sheldon Spithoff. I am 28 years old. Currently attending Tyndale Seminary and working towards an M.Div. in Counselling. I picked up painting in January of this year but have been a doodler and sketcher all my life.

victoria wTori Wong is currently a 3rd year Material Science Engineering student at the University of Toronto. Her passion is to raise awareness and help abolish human trafficking, a worldwide issue she believes is greatly overlooked. She is currently working alongside The Ratanak Foundation to help combat human trafficking in Cambodia and hopes to one day travel there herself. To raise awareness, she plans on designing big and bold shirts that are both eye-catching and informative. Following her graduation, she plans to use her engineering background in order to provide opportunities for those who want a life free from slavery and injustice. In her spare time, Tori enjoys traveling, trying new foods, culinary adventures, photography, singing and spending time with family and friends.

Ris (pronounced “reese”) listens to the rhythm of the heart as each song within explodes, evading a variety of passionate poetic truths. Classically trained on piano Ris grew up writing songs from a very young age. She was encouraged by her teacher that she would one day grow up to be a famous writer. Her songs are stories. Stories of the hearts she has met while touring with different art teams in Ontario; stories that come deep within her own soul. As a graduate from York University, from the music program, Ris is excited to explore the possibilities of furthering her music! As a new artist, yet to be discovered, she is constantly looking for new adventures and stories to write. On this evening she is thrilled to stand with an amazing talented band that will help support the stories from her heart.

Nathan Gerber. Some people were clearly put on planet earth to create music… Nate Gerber is one of those people. Whether on acoustic guitar – or fusing together electronic & organic sounds.. there’s no doubt that this recent York U music graduate has got serious soul. Nate will be rocking a frantic hybrid solo performance of controllerism and songs that embody a higher reality hitting planet earth.

Nathan is also Founding Director of Divine Force Company (DFC), a hip-hop outreach troupe based in Toronto, Ontario.

Alfred Lam is a Toronto based writer/speaker/ musician/photographer who believes each one of our lives contains a story and a message that can make the world a better place. Art, in all its different forms helps us to discover that message and communicate it.

Alfred’s appreciation for the arts comes from going through his own “toxic experiences” in life. He discovered that art helps filter out the “toxins”, enabling the artist to gain a useful message from the experiences that can encourage and inspire others.

Alfred’s passion is to use writing, speaking, photography and music to break down barriers between people. His dream is to see that as we learn to embrace each other through our shared brokenness, we may be comforted, encouraged, and inspired to change the world.

Alfred is hubby to Anna and daddy to Taylor. He enjoys sharing his thoughts at

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